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About IWYL

Big love.
Founder and Head of Design

Tegami Kaku Yo (I'll Write You Letters) is an expression of love when you say goodbye to a friend. Anywhere else in the world we say "OK man cool, see you next week". In Japan it's Tegami Kaku Yo, "I'll miss you bro, I'll Write You Letters". That's real.

IWYL was born from the admiration for global street culture. The design, creativity and understanding of Asian street fashion, alongside the music and art movements in the US and Europe heavily influenced the birth of the brand. From this I'll Write You Letters began. Inspired by the streets.

Every design we create has a meaning. Everything has emotion tied to it. Everything a story. There's a reason why our 'Skate Away' tee has an image of a skater being chased on the front. There's a reason why our 'Phase One Addition' jacket has "NO MORE HEROES TO ENTER THIS ARENA" embroidered on the reverse. There's an emotional meaning to all our designs, and so there should. When a musician writes music there's emotion, when an artist paints a canvas there's emotion. It should be the same with fashion. We want you to wear one of our tees and know it has a deeper meaning than just an image and some text.

IWYL customs each design with fine fabric and a measured fit, adhering to fair trade clothing production at all times. IWYL products are made in safe and healthy working conditions, as well as supporting sustainable practices that minimise our environmental footprint.

"Whatever you do. Wherever you go. Be true to yourself. Be real. Be human."