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Ultimate IWYL Wardrobe: 7 Stylish Outfits for every day of the Week

Posted on June 01 2023

Ultimate IWYL Wardrobe: 7 Stylish Outfits for every day of the Week

Did you know that one of the greatest business tycoons of all time, wore exactly the same attire every day; black mock turtleneck, blue jeans, and New Balance sneakers?

We are referring to the one and only Steve Jobs, the co-founder of Apple and a visionary leader!

But for lesser mortals like us, where we have miles to go before our personality is enough to speak for ourselves. We are also dependent on our attires, daily wears, and how we present ourselves to the world, and that is not too much to complain about.

While we are at the game of styling and looking presentable, we show you 7 stylish outfits from IWYL that would suffice your weekly dress-code ethics. Men and women and the non-binary, we have got you covered in this article, and our styling tips would help you curate your own capsule wardrobe and pep up your daily look seamlessly. Read on to discover.

Your Monday look

Beat the Monday blues effortlessly with a crisp-white IWYL Oxford Shirt in White and see how your competitors turn green out of envy. For the least, you will earn some second looks from your admirers and be ready to get compliments for elegantly pulling off the busiest day of the week. It is made of 85% cotton to keep you cool and add comfort to your attire. Since it is unisex, it can be paired with complementing trousers or a plaid skirt, propelling you to set the floor on fire.

For the productive Tuesday

Make your Tuesday productive with the IWYL Navy Logo Polo crafted to perfection with a geisha logo in white embroidery. The navy blue colour aces the formal look, and the comfortable material keeps you cosy for hours on end for busy meetings and conferences. You may tuck it in or let it out while allowing the text at the bottom to peep out.

Ambitious Wednesday

The mid-week mantra for looking ambitious and relaxed is this oomph curation called  IWYL Japanese Varsity in Black. While you have been hustling and reached Wednesday, you can choose a blithe attire like this one. Black is always a global favourite, and a powerful colour for making those bold proposals and statements. Pair it with denim or a trouser in complimenting colour and call it a day well spent achieving dreams and breaking glass ceilings.

A wholesome Thursday

This IWYL Japanese Varsity in Grey is a soothing colour to the eyes, and being a neutral or achromatic color symbolises neutrality and sophistication. Flaunt this sweatshirt curated to represent the young soul with a geisha stitching at the bottom right side. You will exude a warmth that a cold corporate culture needs badly and become the favourite colleague who keeps everything under balance and control.

Fri-yay or Friday?

This has been unanimously voted as the most favourite day of the week, across ages, cultures, and geographical boundaries and therefore we must slay it. Bring on your cool vibes with the luxurious collection of t-shirts from IWYL, IWYL Tegami Kaku Yo Tee in olive green, IWYL No More Heroes Tee in navy blue, or the IWYL Kobayashi Records L/S in Black. Play these around with your choice of Asian-military-themed caps and id tags and look stylish instantly. Go for plain sneakers to justify your sporty look after a week of dedication and hustle.

For the weekends

Weekends are for relaxation and catching up with friends and loved ones over a game, dinner, or drinks. For the weekend lookbook, you can choose from the extravagant collection of full-sleeves or half-sleeve shirts from IWYL with “Tegami kaku yo” letters. IWYL chose subtle colours that look best with denim or joggers and a cosy footwear. Loosen up and reflect on your busy days while marvelling at the excellent choice of clothes you made during the week.

“Never get so busy making a living that you forget to make a life” is what we heard somewhere. For us, fashion uplifts life, makes boring things attractive, and adds meaning to everything that sounds mundane and run-of-the-mill.

So, here we are, helping you make the best of seven days with a brand that expresses emotions and makes you count the moments.