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The Modern Man's Guide to Trendy Urban Looks

Posted on January 10 2024

The Modern Man's Guide to Trendy Urban Looks

Fashion is a very personal choice, and changing with this rapidly evolving industry often becomes very challenging for people, especially those who don't like experimenting with their looks. However, there is nothing wrong with making a nitty gritty adjustment to your style to enhance your look even more. So, if you are a man and one who is open to elevating your fashion game and becoming an inspiration for men around you, you can follow our guide to adapt to the urban fashion trend without compromising on the comfort part.

Identify your likings

Find out what works for you

It's not about following the trend blindly and choosing something you are not comfortable with. The art is behind picking the right outfit, which is trendy but at the same time suits your personality. For example, ripped jeans are still in fashion, but not every person, especially older people, is into such a fashion segment.

Make gradual changes

Go slow, yet be smart

It takes time to find your true fashion preferences and even more time to bring a change to them, especially when it's been a long time since you did it. You don't have to go aggressive on yourself and start by either changing the type of fabrics you wear or trying an oversized trend.

Monitor your fittings

See what compliments your looks

The fittings of the cloth on your body completely change your overall appearance. Whether it's a loose cloth to accomplish a baggy look or a well-suited three-piece for a corporate look, the focus should be on how it sits on your body and the way you carry the look throughout the time without fail.

Enhance your style with accessories

Add layers to your style

Adding accessories to your outfits adds extra charm to your looks. It could be anything from a watch to a sophisticated bracelet and a bow tie to sunglasses. The good thing is that they not only complement your look but also separate you from the crowd.

Make a statement with IWYL

Urban men’s street style fashion

Men like clothes that are quick to wear, comfortable, and add a bit of fashion to their overall look. Often, men’s street style are associated with being raw and lacking the stylish element to it. But what if we told you that you could have a streetwear look that is stylish, comfortable, and allows you to express yourself through your clothes? IWYL is one such clothing brand that redefines men’s street style, catering to an individual's fashion choices while keeping in mind the changing trends and giving you a unique identity with its different range of clothing lines with unique statements that express something.

Although there are no set rules to upgrade your style, adhering to these guides will definitely give you a head start on your journey of bringing the change. All you need is to be open to trying every fashion combination and embracing the process. Let the praises come your way when you do so!