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Streetwear Staples: Exploring the Must-Have Elements of a global streetwear-themed wardrobe

Posted on July 14 2023

Streetwear Staples: Exploring the Must-Have Elements of a global streetwear-themed wardrobe

“Fashion is in the sky, in the street, fashion has to do with ideas, the way we live, what is happening” - is a famous quote from the international label Coco Chanel and is an exact interpretation of streetwear. Like various forms of fashionwear have a signature and specific elements, global streetwear, is defined by fashion elements that seamlessly sync, conjuring up a beautiful concoction, and our discussion revolves around those. Let us uncover and assemble these elements and see how best one can look while flaunting the new favourite of most generations today: The global streetwear trend

Oversized clothing

The current trend of fashion wear is all about oversized clothes that do not fit a form. Free-flowing attires that are cosy to get inside bestow one with a sense of freedom and fire one’s carefree attitude. Streetwear primarily displays this element in all its curations as it gives the one flaunting the power to remain worry-free and not look too serious. Also, the skin-tight clothing trend of yesteryears was not inclusive, and it conveniently ignored the fashion needs of curvy people and left them with lesser choices.

Unisex dressing style

Today the need for gender equality drives almost every field, and luckily due to the power of social media, people have become accepting of other people’s choices. This thriving need has propelled the design of unisex dressing styles like hoodies and boy’s t-shirts that anybody can wear, irrespective of their gender preferences. Unisex dressing style is an invincible display of global streetwear, which brands are capitalising on smartly.

The rising popularity of athleisure

Athleisure is all about marrying the concept of ease, agility, and fashion, and ever since the pandemic, this fashionwear has gained unprecedented popularity globally. People started feeling comfortable in athleisure and could not get over its functionality. Global streetwear style includes athleisure with its versatility and popularity amongst consumers who are mostly Gen Z. This trend encourages you to wear athleisure at home, to a playground, to the gym, or for get-togethers and is happily welcome by everybody.

The demand for limited editions

Marketing is all about creating curiosity in the mind of the consumers and elevating the brand value by limiting the number of curations. If you browse some of the popular global streetwear labels, you will notice that most of their products have limited editions. The psychology of FOMO plays a massive role in fashion lovers who do not want to miss out on anything, and flaunting limited editions make them stand out from the rest. Limited editions give one the power of not being a run-of-the-mill, and Global streetwear brands take advantage on this.

The Power of Uniqueness

Another vital reason for global streetwear’s popularity lies in the uniqueness of its collections. Popular brands feature products that are unique and are born from strong emotions behind them that are relatable to the masses. Playing around with distinct hues, quotes and carrying a story unheard by the masses adds uniqueness, relatability, and subtlety and lures consumers. The quirky style and personality of each label, cement its path to becoming a popular choice for fashionistas.

Accessories game

No streetwear label is complete without the right accessories in its couture. Caps, bracelets, and pendants or tags are some of the popular accessories under the umbrella of global streetwear that complement the attires gracefully. Urban streetwear brands with a strong accessory game convincingly become authentic and sought-after.

The need for sustainable production

Today the audience is a conscious one that likes to shop from brands that are sustainable, cruelty-free, and use organic materials. Most shoppers confirm they check the brand’s ethics and get influenced by social media influencers before purchasing. The world must be environment-conscious and contribute positively to maintain the 2C target. Sustainability is the key driver and a predominant feature of popular urban streetwear brands.

Finally, these elements of urban streetwear are the pillars that define it and make it trendy. Premium brands like I’ll Write you letters beautifully combine all these elements in their collection of t-shirts, shirts, sweatshirts, caps, and id tags and help a fashion-forward and trend-loving person complete the lookbook and leave a footprint everywhere.