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Fashion trends for men in Dubai: The latest styles and must-have items

Posted on April 10 2023

Fashion trends for men in Dubai: The latest styles and must-have items

Dubai is one of the most popular tourist destinations and attracts a lot of fashionistas, influencers, and trendsetters who send waves of fashion doses to a global audience. The fashion world saw a noticeable change from 2019 onwards. Gen Z revolutionized dressing preferences over what millennials used to wear. As the world gears towards inclusivity and relaxed clothing, styles and colours have radically changed. Wear something in vogue before 2019 and be ready to be treated like an outcast! Almost, we mean! The key is to choose attire that matches your personality and balances it with the current trend.

We highlight some of the latest styles and must-have items for men in Dubai. If you are vacationing in Dubai or call this city home, this article would be your ready reckoner to look your best and feel at the top of your fashion game.

Polo shirts

Polo shirts are a must-have piece in the wardrobes of men. As the temperature soars high in Dubai and globally, the need to dress down increases. These comfortable and preferably open-button shirts can breeze up your days or evenings. You can combine these with a pair of shorts and a pair of sneakers or technical sandals.

Oversized T-shirts and sweatshirts

Oversized clothing has taken the globe by storm, and you are missing out on life without these comfortable and gender-inclusive attires. Apart from helping you fight against FOMO, they help you snug well in them, making comfort your top priority. Forget tight clothing and uncomfortable looks. The key is to feel free with this fashion statement of the modern man. Stylish sweatshirts collection for men from some of the best online stores help you live the urban streetwear look and feel. There is no reason for men to shy away from the same.

Varsity jackets

Originally designed to show American football and baseball fanatic love for the sport, these preppy jackets ventured into the fashion world many years ago. These look trendy no matter what and add colour and style to your attire. Pair these with t-shirts and pieces of denim and flaunt your cool look wherever you go.

Wide-legged shorts

Wide-legged shorts are in vogue for their comfortable and fashion-bound offerings. For summers in Dubai, sport these with smart or casual t-shirts to be beach-ready within minutes. These have organically become a favourite of the latest men's clothing styles.


Denim is not going away from fashion for clothing trends for men ever. One can safely engrave this statement on a stone. Comfort, smartness, and versatility account for the popularity of these must-haves needing less maintenance and being easy on the pocket. 

Sweat pants

A popular member of the athleisure family, the sweat pant conveniently made their way out of the gym to the cool men's wardrobe and are a first choice for relaxed wear. Mix and match with Trendy men's sweatshirts and sneakers, and you will impress everybody in a get-together, party, or movie night with friends. It is to be noted that sweatpants score equally well when compared to joggers, chinos, or cargo for impacting a lookbook. 

Prints and colours that work 

The modern man unabashedly experiments with bright colours and floral patterns, along with the usual daring checks and bold stripes. Floral is exclusive to women’s wardrobes only, and as an element of the popular men's shirt style, it lets you breathe free, be confident of your masculinity, and be fashion-forward. Choose from pillar-box red to highlighter green and flaunt an eye-catching attire smoothly. Monochrome dressing is also a trendsetter and a game-changer for men’s clothing, from casual wear to formal attire. 

Finally, choose from some of the most popular brands in Dubai as IWYL, which combines the magical elements of global streetwear and subtle emotions behind each piece. You can shop online from the comfort of your house or walk down to the nearest outlet and revamp your wardrobe with the most stylish men’s clothing. As stated aptly, “Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak”, keep up with the popular dressing trends and do not miss out on the rage.