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Celebrating Unparalleled Craftsmanship: Exploring Why IWYL's Fashion Sets the Standard for Style and Comfort

Posted on June 16 2023

Celebrating Unparalleled Craftsmanship: Exploring Why IWYL's Fashion Sets the Standard for Style and Comfort

Rewind 10 years back and fashion lovers were forced to slip into slim-fit jeans, tummy-tuckers, and uncomfortable apparel because the fashion trend demanded that way. Today, fashion is about an unparalleled level of comfort and freedom of expression woven into a personal style that speaks volumes about your individuality.

Brands like IWYL deeply understand this and marry the two worlds of fashion and comfort through their signature curations. 

In this blog, we celebrate the unparalleled craftsmanship of IWYL blending the best of both worlds for the fashionista, the empath, the introvert, and the urban streetwear connoisseur.

Global streetwear appeal

Its collection of fashionable apparel mirrors the unique global streetwear style for the carefree individual with an eye for detail. The outerwear, including unisex sweatshirts with IWYL letters on sleeves and loose fitting, proves that comfort is at the heart of each curation. The founder expresses how each creation is an extension of the emotions he felt at various stages in life, and the colours or the craft, justify the thought behind each piece seamlessly. The perfect simplicity, coupled with artistic details, is suited to flaunt subtle emotions. 

Sustainable materials & unique style

While we browse the catalogue section of the urban-favourite brand of millennials and Gen Z, we see most of the apparel has a relatively higher percentage of organic cotton blended with a small percentage of polyester. Conscious use of such materials ensures the versatility of fashion wear all year round. Breathable fabrics are an all-time favourite as it lets you stay comfortable while looking fashionable. The products have a GSM ranging from 180 to 320, making them a safe pick for all seasons. The unique graphics, small embroidery sections, and style affirm the label's creativity in combining comfort and style. The brand is environmentally conscious and believes in fair trade practices making it indispensable for the aware generation of youth.

A sneak-peak into the lookbook

IWYL ensures that its products are perfect to create the urban lookbook and add a dash of style to every wardrobe they adorn. In this section, we hover around its uniquely-styled and fashioned pieces affirming why IWYL's Fashion Sets the Standard for Style and Comfort. 

Oversized unisex sweatshirts: One look at the bespoke collection of sweatshirts and hoodies is enough to make a fashion-conscious shopper fall in love. Whether it is the IWYL Meeting Person Sweatshirt in pristine white, the IWYL Golden Letters Sweatshirt in sunflower yellow, or the IWYL Japanese Varsity in ivory Black, each curation is ultra-modern and crafted to perfection. 

Funky Tees: The unmatched collection of men’s t-shirts from IWYL White with Sand Camo, IWYL Tegami Kaku Yo Tee, or IWYL No More Heroes Tee is designed to equally appeal to comfort and fashion. 

Crisp formal shirt: Nobody can ignore a man wearing the IWYL Oxford Shirt in White that is perfect for business meetings and formal dinners while exuberating comfort and confidence.

Finally, a luxury brand like IWYL understands how to make a fashion statement that will never go unnoticed and aces the fashion game like a boss. There is a renowned saying: Luxury must be comfortable otherwise it is not luxury, and IWYL proves that consistently at every step of its journey to becoming the most loved boutique globally.