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A sneak peek into gender-inclusive fashion

Posted on May 09 2023

A sneak peek into gender-inclusive fashion

A renowned actor once said, “I do not define men's fashion or women's fashion. I only identify those who are afraid and those who enjoy fashion.” This is precisely the muse of our blog for the week from IWYl. 

What is gender-inclusive fashion, and if there is a buzz about it, what is it for?

Gender-inclusive fashion, Gender-fluid fashion, or Gender-neutral dressing has been the new buzzword for the last few years. Some fashionistas and critics say it is a very subjective term with an “each to their own" vibe, implying you sport what you love and not what others want you to look like. Everybody since birth has been busy finding identity, purpose, flaws, and comforts, and their fashion choices have resulted from what would seem appropriate or deemed fit by fashion influencers. Forced compartmentalizing gave birth to a binary dressing style giving specific dressing acceptability to men and women. Also, styles and shapes of the clothing were designed to suit certain body types. This notion left the ones with a different sense of identity and body type with fewer choices.

Why stay at the back of the race was the evident question evoking the rise to the wide acceptance of Gender inclusivity, body positivity, and colour acceptability. This radical transformation of point of view influenced empathetic fashion designers and brands to collaborate successfully to launch Gender inclusive clothing or neutral clothing creating a buzz in the world of fashion and trends. Gender-fluid dressing rose to its full potential in 2020 where athleisure and loose-fitted clothing brought the highest revenue to brands. The trajectory was rising and is at its peak today and this is satisfying for most brands and consumers.

When was the term coined, evolution of fashion trends?

Gender fluidity may be a novice, but it has always been there in the fashion arena for eons.

Women have always been subject to uncomfortable clothing, but the fashion trends started changing in the 1970s when genderless and unisex fashion evolved. People began raising children in gender-neutral ways propelling girls to sport bell bottoms and boys to flaunt long hair.

Today gender-fluid dressing is in vogue and is used generously by consumers who love the free spirit of this fashion trend.

Top labels for gender-inclusive clothing

Some international labels for genderless clothing are committed to being value-driven and also drive sustainability through their products. Some of these premium brand catering to a non-binary audience and non-conformist audience are IWYL, Wildfang, TomboyX, Big Bud Press, Riley Studio, Kirrin Finch, Origami Customs, OLderbrother, Ijji, Official Rebrand, etc.

IWYL's collection of unisex or gender-neutral sweatshirts and hoodies is a rage amongst consumers of all ages.

What is so comforting about Gender-fluid dressing?

When we come into the nitty-gritty of Gender-less fashion, we must know that it is a fashion borne out of freedom of expression and style. The gender-neutral dressing is different from previous fashion trends, as listed below.


Gender-less clothing does not have different cuts or shapes for men or women, which suggests no unnecessary narrowing down at the waist to show a silhouette.


Gender-neutral apparel has simple designs with a blurred sense of differentiation between clothes worn by men and women. Men can wear colourful tops and bottoms, and pink is not a colour specifically for women.


Gender-neutral clothing will never force you to fit inside slim trousers or tops and give your body more space to exist and breathe freely. Oversized garments that do not judge a body type or shape are the in-thing and are sure to stay.


Gen Z mostly prefers gender-neutral clothing curated in sustainable material as it is planet-friendly and environment-conscious.


We all love freedom and a life that helps us breathe well. Whether you believe it or not, clothing can change how you feel about yourself. Restricted and stereotypical clothing imposed a sense of captivity on us for eons. When we at least have the freedom to express our unique sense of fashion through clothing, the preferred choice of size, shape, and colour, we celebrate our uniqueness. 

Breaking glass ceilings and seeking disparity come along the way! Let us embrace one step at a time, please.