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Ultimate Men's Summer Vacation Wardrobe: Mastering Minimalist Style

Posted on August 10 2023

Ultimate Men's Summer Vacation Wardrobe: Mastering Minimalist Style

Is vacation on your mind? Is it the mountains or the beaches? Or heading to a vacation destination with your best buddies? Is the worry of overspending or spending a fortune on your vacation attire keeping you stressed? You may leave your worries at the roundabout of the busy Street on your way back home from work and relax! We are here to guide you through creating a minimalist summer vacation wardrobe that will make you save money and stand out in a crowd. You already know by now how much we enjoyed creating a minimalist wardrobe for women, so why leave the men behind in this wardrobe curation journey? 

Let us embark on this journey of discovering a minimalist style, an unapologetic men's summer wardrobe, and Vacation essentials, and set an authentic Wardrobe inspiration for men who love to style but are clueless about how to do it. 

In this blog, we create ten smart styles for men to ace that summer vacation wardrobe to evoke awe and inspiration in the men of your inner circle that you can flaunt on social media or in the tangible world. 

1. Artsy Tee With straight pants

If you are an artistic traveller on a voyage to gather inspiration from nature and various cultures, select an artsy tee with attractive prints and pair it with straight pants. Keep it free-flowing, and choose an organic material like silk or cotton and feel at peace with the artsy inspiration this world has. You can be wild with your choice of accessories and footwear as long as they propel your creativity and give wings to your imagination. 

2. Floral Shirts With Shorts

Floral shirts with shorts in neutral colours are the most sought-after summer vacation outfit that can inspire all those Jacks who only work and do not take a day off. Do not skip your favourite sunglasses to look sharp and turn heads on your way to the beach.

3. T-shirts with Shorts

Pack some plain T-shirts with neutral-shaded shorts and sneakers to give the impression of a sporty and carefree person who embraces life one moment at a time. He is a man who loves each moment and does not care about just winning the race!

4. Vest and shorts

For all those men who love to work out like a beast and party like an animal, and love to flaunt their 16 inches biceps or more, wear a dark-hued vest with a light-shaded shirt and a baseball cap to add oomph to your well-cut shape and your slither abs.

5. Linen Co-Ords Best Summer Casual Outfit for Men

Linen is for the man who trusts himself, values sustainability, and believes in simplicity over shallowness. You can display your authentic self in a linen co-ord set, and wear some chappals to the after-bath evening dinner with friends and look stylish even if you are a tad tipsy. 

6. Shirt Over T-Shirt & Jeans

Wearing a checkered shirt over a pair of plain T-shirts and shorts can never be fashionable wrong. Men who love an extra layer of warm clothing to feel that cosiness must unapologetically flaunt this style. 

7. Polo T-shirts with Shorts

Men who love to tuck their t-shirts in their shorts to show a fit frame must try a tucked-in polo t-shirt inside a pair of comfortable shorts in organic material. Pair it with sneakers and look like a no-nonsense man who has discovered his sense of purpose and loves to holiday. 

8. Cargo Trousers with T-Shirt

A t-shirt with a loose-fitted pair of cargos gives us a feeling of a concoction of style and comfort. This look is perfect for that late-night walk on a hike while you wear your sneakers and uncover Nature's marvels with your fellow-travelers. 

9. Printed Shorts With a Solid Shirt

This combination is a favorite of all men as you can never go wrong with a plain solid shirt and a pair of shorts in floral or printed designs. This outfit gives a breezy look that speaks volumes about comfort and satisfied life. Pair this attire with some sandals, a pair of fashionable sunglasses, and a smartwatch and you are all set to walk the red carpet. 

10. Baggy Tee With Joggers

Wearing oversized t-shirts is in vogue now and while doing so, wear it with a pair of loose joggers that shows your fashion-forward sense of style and makes you look like the trendy guy ready to take on the world. 

Style is personal we adore men who love to create their unique fashion statement. So splurge out on your unique fashion sense, spin some creativity, and look your best during your summer vacation. A birdie whispered to us to remind you to stack a refreshing deodorant, reliable sunscreen, a bunch of socks in breathable fabrics, your signature perfume, and an extra pair of sneakers in your minimalist travel bag and oodles of confidence in your persona. Go and express freely like the way IWYL products do, emote to the brink, and you need not bolt it all up for once!