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Best brand for men's accessories in the UAE

Posted on April 28 2023

Best brand for men's accessories in the UAE

It is not an overstatement to say that accessories can impact the look of a man. You must pair an outfit with complementary accessories to complete your lookbook. Accessories act as that support system that boosts the confidence of a look and ups your fashion statement. You must know what to choose and pair with the different looks you sport daily.

Let us look at the top must-have accessories in your wardrobe that would enhance your signature statement and also see some of the best online brands for men’s accessories in UAE.

Men! Note these must-have accessories in your wardrobe.

  1. Caps
    Caps up your fashion statement instantly by adding a dash of sportiness to the look. They complement a casual look and make a man show up as on the go and energetic. Sport a cap with a pair of denim, cargo, and tees, and you are all set to make heads turn. Choose the military caps from IWYL which are Asian-military themed and curated in different colours for your various moods. The 6-panel caps fit everybody perfectly and are made of comfortable material to give you a breezy feel while upping your fashion statement.
  2. Pendants and Tags
    Pendants or tags are the next most acceptable thing to add a style statement to your look. Pair it with a silver or oxidised necklace and create a fashion statement that speaks a lot about you as a fashionista. Choose good quality tags so they do not get rusted or lose the lustre and shine on for you. The ones from IWYL in black and silver colours are perfect to enhance your personal sense of style.
  3. Scarves and mufflers
    Scarves and mufflers have been in vogue for ages as they add an oomph of character to your overall look. Choose complementing colours for your attire so they stand out and play up your stunning look.
  4. Rings
    Signet rings on manicured hands of men look stunning and draw attention seamlessly, so they are worth adding to your wardrobe. These little accessories get noticed naturally by anybody whom you interact with.
  5. Men’s earrings
    Earrings in various colours, with or without crystals, metallic or plastic add charm to a man’s look and set him apart in the fashion race. Not only one looks trendy, but the earring also speaks volumes about confidence and makes you look top-notch.
  6. Sunglasses
    Sunglasses are accessories that up your style quotient in a jiffy. You wear sunglasses not only to protect yourself from the blazing rays of the sun and dust particles but also to hide flaws like baggy eyes, wrinkles, or dark circles. When you choose the perfect shape and size, they enhance your look by several notches. Do not shy away from looking distinctly super-stylish.

Where to shop the best accessories online?


This global streetwear collection speaks volumes of emotions through its signature accessories collection. From a range of id tags to baseball caps, every product has a story behind its curation and something you can add to your bucket list of premium shopping experiences. The best part of IWYL’s products is that each has been curated with a story in mind, a story reminiscing some beautiful emotions. It is perfect for those who do not like to say it through words, and love to express through written captions. The premium brand featuring clothing and accessories in UAE is the best choice for every occasion and would make heads turn seamlessly. 

You can now shop and look edgy with your accessory game. 

"Somebody said it right, "Accessories are like vitamins to fashion as such, you should use them liberally" and we could not agree more!"