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Back to Basics: Essential Wardrobe Pieces for Timeless Style

Posted on May 15 2023

Back to Basics: Essential Wardrobe Pieces for Timeless Style

Men and women, you deserve a wardrobe armed with clothes that do not seem passe with seasonal fashion revisions. Even if you are a minimalist, you must keep essentials that serve the fashion purpose throughout the year or probably for many years. Fashion trends change every season, and if you are keen on keeping up with the trends, be ready to shell out lots of money. If you are a smart shopper, you must ensure you have clothes that can be mixed and matched for every occasion and season. After all, a little creativity, a sense of clean living, and individuality set an individual apart from the rest of the tribe. A wardrobe boasting of a timeless style also impacts the environment lesser, and every step towards making the planet cleaner and greener is a step indeed. Have you ever looked at someone who always looks put up and fashionable? They have undoubtedly mastered the Art of dressing up without buying a pile of clothes they do not feel confident about. Let us get to the basics!

Here are five ways to curate a wardrobe with a timeless collection of your favourite attire, none of which you might want to discard.

1. Fit your clothes to your size.

Today is the era of oversized dressing, but we always suggest you keep clothes fitted to your size. You want to look classy and not like a hanger displaying the brand’s collection. Get your clothes fit to accentuate your body’s shape and contour and look sharp irrespective of the season you flaunt them. For example, petite women can choose from large-sized and v-neck tops, and curvy women can opt for pencil skirts or a-line dresses to draw attention to the most attractive parts of their bodies.

2. Prepare a set

While keeping clothes in your wardrobe, it is essential to keep a set of clothes that includes your clothing, footwear, and accessories. Some fashionistas even go overboard with complementary bags and slings for their attire. When you keep a set of clothes, all you are doing is preparing yourself well in advance for an important day, a meeting, or a get-together. For men, your simple white T-shirt can pair well with denim or a khaki coloured trouser, with complementing footwear and an id tag. For women, the choices are exhaustive, with a multifunctional top syncing well with jeans, skirts, or harem pants. Prepare a set of 5 such clothes so that you look like that hunk or diva walking the ramp daily without the ramp in the first place.

3. Choose fabrics that go with every season.

We all love our cozy winter mittens and caps or the thick leather jacket, but we can store that for the winter season. Instead, invest in fabrics tailored to your personal sense of style that goes well in every season. Cotton or rayon goes well in every season and we must always embrace organic materials that are eco-friendly and skin-friendly.

4. Invest in some classics.

Invest in some classics that are timeless and never go out of fashion. These help you boast of a timeless classic wardrobe and make you look stylish and prep throughout the year. A classic white shirt, a pair of comfortable denim, a solid skirt, a pair of sneakers, and solid pump shoes uplift your fashion game instantly and make you look stylish seamlessly.

5. Invest wisely

Sometimes pennywise pound foolish applies to us while we shop majorly from thrift shops only. While thrift shops help us get stylish clothing and accessories, you can never rely on the quality of the product. You rather invest in clothes that last for 2 or 3 years and save cost on shopping repeatedly for the lack of lustre or fitting in your worn-out clothes.

That was a concise summary of hacks for a timeless and classic wardrobe that would fit your fashion sense and budget and be versatile throughout the year. For some, fashion comes naturally, and for others, they learn it by being inspired by others. Whatever the case may be, we assimilate the art of dressing eventually.